How to boost your writing skills:

Writing skills are essential to getting good grades, no matter what grade level you are in. Whether you’re a sophomore in college or a sophomore in high school, your writing skills will become a direct reflection on your homework grades. Here are 5 tricks to boost your writing skills and get your homework done fast.

  • Back to Basics
  • The basics of writing are hard for many people to grasp. Knowing what a squinting modifier or incomplete comparison are when writing will be helpful. Beyond that, understanding how to keep your modifiers in the right tense and plurality will make your homework go faster then if you had to spend tons of time trying to get these basic elements right.

  • Find a Partner
  • Writing can go really well for many students. They write and edit their own work, and it all looks great; until they get it back. For some reason, people have a horrible time editing their own work.

    Your brain will actually change what is on the paper to match what you thought you wrote. Writers should never edit their own work. This goes for basic homework assignments too. Find a partner in your class to look over your work to help make your writing better.

  • Get to Reading
  • Reading is one of the most important elements in the study of any subject. Specific subjects are written with a certain tone of voice and terminology. For example, reading a chemistry book is a lot different than reading a philosophy book. Learn how to mimic the style and tone of the subject you are writing for by reading lots of material on the subject.

  • Outline
  • The outline is your friend. Outlines are one of the most overlooked elements of writing and one that is almost entirely skipped when doing homework assignments that include writing elements. Outlining your work lets you understand how to get from point A to point B with minimal effort.

  • Edit
  • Understand that no piece is perfect the first time. Most first drafts are horrible. Know this and love it. Realizing that you will write multiple drafts, allows you to plan for the right amount of time to complete the assignment.

Knowing how to write is almost more important than knowing the answers in a homework assignment.